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The office of Riverside Fence, Inc. on Ridgefield, CT

Mural on wall of Riverside Fence office in Ridgefield CT

Entrance Porthole


The Tree of Life


The Unexpected

The door

The tree of life

the unexpected painting


Tiger I




Tiger II

Tiger on the wall The return of Nature
2nd tiger on the wall







Guitar on the ceiling

Rising Self

Asterix and Obelisk in a boy's room

Boy's room mural Wall painting of Rising Self
boy's room mural







Blue Dragon

Night Dragon


Blue dragon mural
night dragon mural

Thunderbird wall







Psychic portrait

Young girl portrait

Teenagers room

Psychick portrait
Kids portrait

Tribal design





A new dawn
Playful niche

Trompe l'oeil to go!

A new dawn nitch trompe l'oeil
Trompe l'oel







Trompe l'oeil window

Trompe l'oeil of window

Mural of swimming girl with dolphins

Trompe window
faux window  on a board

mural of swiming girl with dolphins







Trompe l'oeil of balcony & window Wall painting on a maternity goods store
Wall painting on a tool shed
faux paint of balcony and window wall decoration on a maternity store
painting on a shed wall
Mural on a garden's back wall Wall painting of giant flower for a girls bedroom
Mural on a boy's bedroom
mural on a garden back wall mural of a large flower on the wall
Biplane mural

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