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Bottom line first:

Look, I hate 'legaleeze".  For clarity's sake, I will provide the below mentioned document, but I would rather trust your handshake and behave like actual human beings as we go along.  I'm certain we can come to an agreement over any eventuality that may happen.

Now, Cost:

The cost of a mural varies according to the materials used, complexity of the design, site location, accessibility, etc.

Ball park figure:

The basic cost of a mural is determined by the number of square feet and complexity of the project.  Depending on the complexity and level of detail required the cost will vary between $10 and $40 per square feet.  To determine the square feet, multiply the hight x width of the area to be painted.  This will give you a "ball park" figure for the cost of the mural.

Initial consultation:

The initial consultation is free.  At this time we will find out what you have in mind, what your expectations are.  I will take photos of the proposed site and discuss the variables involved to have the project done.  Wall prep work?  Access to the wall?  Will scaffolding be needed?  Will furniture need to be moved?  Time frame for the project? Working during the weekend?  After hours?  And so forth.  At this point I will required a non-refundable $150 design fee, which includes 2 changes of the initial sketches (which can be entirely new concepts or ideas) by the client.

Going ahead:

After the initial consultation I will send you, within a few of days, an e-mail with several sketches of the proposed mural, estimated cost, and time frame for the project.  After your review we can communicate through telephone and make adjustments, or new sketches.  After the two changes to the initial sketch, any additional changes or new sketches will require $100 fee for each.  At this time we'll discuss what will your responsibility will be to make the site accessible and ready to paint, if there will be any travel cost?  Will electrical equipment need to be moved or modified?  And so forth.


After we reach an agreement I will provide a document detailing what is expected to be done, with starting and completion dates.  A 50% downpayment will be required 3 or 4 days prior to the start of the project (in order to buy any needed supplies).  Payment in full will be expected at the completion of the project.

Unexpected costs:

There may be some unexpected complications that require more time for me to solve, which may required additional costs or extension of completion date.  However, before doing any of it I will consult with you and have your agreement for the solution.


Bob Ocegueda

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